Undergraduate & Graduate Course Offerings

New England Bible College & Grace Evangelical Seminary offers a full program of study for both undergraduate and graduate students seeking a Christian higher education in Maine. The following is a comprehensive list of our recent, current, and intended course offerings. Not all of these courses will run in any given year. But NEBC/Grace Evangelical seeks to offer a regular rotation of foundational, intermediate and advanced level courses over a sequence of several years, to meet the needs of our various students in diverse certificate and degree programs. The course descriptions are given to help students make informed choices, but the actual course material given by individual instructors may vary in some details from the descriptions provided in this catalog.

Faculty & Administration

The faculty and administration of NEBC/Grace Evangelical includes scholars of outstanding academic background and pastoral practitioners with long and fruitful service to the church. Indeed, virtually all our teachers are bi-vocational, well-educated in their various academic specialties and also currently engaged in a profession putting that knowledge to work every day, whether it be in a local church, a counseling practice, hospital chaplaincy, or some other such calling.

Certificate & Degree Program Checklists





New England Bible College & Grace Evangelical Seminary is an institution of higher education offering degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level. We welcome those who might desire to enroll in individual courses that address particular personal or professional interests. But should such individuals seek fuller and more integrated knowledge and skill, we offer a variety of programs.



New England Bible College seeks to educate and train men and women who do not have an undergraduate degree in the core knowledge of Bible, Theology, Church History, and Ministry. NEBC has several academic programs for those who have completed high school. These include Certificates, the Associate of Arts degree, and the Bachelor of Arts degree.  Each program may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis.


Certificates of Study 

The Certificate program is offered in three separate tracks: a Certificate in Biblical Studies, a Certificate in Theological Studies, and a Certificate in Ministerial Arts. Each requires completion of ten courses (30 credit hours). For details, please consult the Checklist for each track. Student registration patterns and course rotations typically mean students will need at least two years to complete a Certificate.





Associates Degree

The A.A. degree in Christian Studies (60 credit hours) includes the foundational courses that comprise the Certificate program, plus four additional required courses. But it also affords the student the opportunity to take six additional classes of their own choosing, to pursue more fully particular interests and knowledge.




Bachelor’s Degree

The B.A. degree (120 credit hours) offers students even broader and deeper foundational knowledge in a variety of disciplines, while also affording them greater flexibility in pursuing particular interests as well as greater focus by having them choose a major in a specific topic or field of study.




Grace Evangelical Seminary seeks to educate and train men and women in advanced study in theology beyond the undergraduate degree. As a graduate degree granting institution, our seminary classes require more significant independent thought and research than undergraduate work. We have three different graduate level degrees.


Master of Arts

The first graduate program is our Master of Arts. An M.A. can be earned in 60 credit hours, and we offer it in two distinct orientations. The M.A.: Theology track is more academic in focus, requiring foundational courses in a variety of disciplines, but allowing the student some flexibility in concentrating on a particular interest or field. The M.A.: Ministry is more pastoral in orientation, requiring a mix of foundational academic courses along with a selection of more practical courses in the arts of ministry.



Master of Divinity Degree

Our second graduate program is a Master of Divinity Degree. The M.Div. requires 84 credit hours to complete. This degree is a professional ministry degree and is required by many denominations for ordination. It includes a broad education in both the scholarly and practical dimensions of pastoral ministry, and the capstone experience of undertaking either a ministry internship or writing a thesis.




Master of Ministry Degree

The third graduate degree is our Master of Ministry Degree. The M.Min. is a professional degree designed for students with substantial undergraduate work in Biblical Studies or Theology and prior ministry experience. It can be earned in 36 credit hours. The focus of this degree is to “upgrade” the knowledge and skill of those already engaged in practical ministry.

Library Resources

New England Bible College/Grace Evangelical Seminary has a library which contains thousands of volumes, as well as numerous reference works and periodicals, relevant to Biblical Studies, Theology, Church History, Ministry and other topics covered by the school’s various courses and areas of study. The NEBC/Grace Evangelical Seminary uses the Library of Congress classification system and our collection is searchable online. The resources of the Library are primarily for use by NEBC/Grace Evangelical students, faculty and staff. Other borrowers may be approved as well. Each library is well-lighted, comfortable, and reasonably quiet.


On the Bangor campus, the Library is located in the Maguire Building adjacent to the main Seminary building and is open while classes are in session and other times by request. Students may access online resources from the Maguire Library via the link below.

On the South Portland campus, the James Arthur Memorial Library is centrally located between classrooms and is open while classes are in session or through arrangements with their instructors. Patrons who have received the username and password from Librarian Louis Mazzamauro (lmazzamauro@nebc.edu) may access online resources from the Arthur Library via the link below.

The Bangor campus of NEBC/Grace Evangelical has a formal agreement with the Bangor Public Library that its students and faculty may have full use of the resources of the BPL on the same basis as other patrons of the library. With a collection of over 500,000 volumes, of which over 12,000 are in the area of religion, the Bangor Public Library represents a very valuable resource.

In South Portland, NEBC/Grace Evangelical students may obtain a library card from the Portland Public Library free of charge with the presentation of a current student identification card. Students may also obtain a guest card to check out books from the library of the University of Southern Maine. 


Academic Calendar

View our 2020-2021 Academic Calendar to keep up with all important dates and course locations.


Spring 2021 Course Schedules 

Registering for Courses

Please converse with your advisor (a faculty member who has agreed to serve in this role) or Academic Dean Robert Sherman to determine which courses you need for your degree program. Then download this semester’s course registration form here. This is a fillable PDF: fill in the required information, sign electronically, save the PDF to your computer, then email it to your advisor or the Academic Dean (rsherman@nebc.edu) for his/her signature. The completed form should then be emailed to the Registrar (eoroak@nebc.edu).

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