Associate of Arts: Christian Studies

Associate of Arts: Christian Studies


Credit Hours Required: 60

Our Associates Degrees are the half-way point to a Bachelor's Degree. Earning an Associate's Degree in Christian Studies provides greater depth and integration of subject matter than a Certificate Program. You can convert this degree to a Bachelor of Arts Degree if you choose to continue your studies at New England Bible College and meet the next level of degree requirements. Your Christian experience and readiness for service, perhaps even as a missionary, will be deepend and enhanced.

Course List:

  • En 100 Academic Success

  • SF 100 Spiritual Formation & Transformation

  • Hi 101 Church History Survey

  • Th 100 Hermeneutics: Worldview, Theology & the Bible

  • Th 201 Introduction to Christian Doctrine 1

  • Th 202 Introduction to Christian Doctrine 2

  • Ph 203 Introduction to Apologetics

  • Ln 100 Hebrew & Greek for Bible Study

  • Bi 101 Introduction to Old Testament 1

  • Bi 103 Introduction to Old Testament 2

  • Bi 102 Introduction to New Testament 1

  • Bi 104 Introduction to New Testament 2

  • Ed 101 Introduction to Christian Education

  • Mi 110 Theology, History & Practice of Worship

  • Co 120 Introduction to Preaching and Public Speaking

  • 5 Electives

"I am gaining the knowledge I need by being taught by top notch professors without the burden of debt. Whether I enter the mission field here or abroad, I know I'll have the confidence and knowledge to share God's Word with others."

Matt Collier