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Associate of Arts: Christian Studies

Associate of Arts: Christian Studies


Credit Hours Required: 60

Our Associates Degrees are the half-way point to a Bachelor's Degree. Earning an Associate's Degree in Christian Studies provides greater depth and integration of subject matter than a Certificate Program. You can convert this degree to a Bachelor of Arts Degree if you choose to continue your studies at New England Bible College & Seminary and meet the next level of degree requirements. Your Christian experience and readiness for service, perhaps even as a missionary, will be deepened and enhanced.

Course List:

  • En 100 Academic Success

  • SF 100 Spiritual Formation & Transformation

  • Hi 101 Church History Survey

  • Th 100 Hermeneutics: Worldview, Theology & the Bible

  • Th 201 Introduction to Christian Doctrine 1

  • Th 202 Introduction to Christian Doctrine 2

  • Ph 203 Introduction to Apologetics

  • Ln 100 Hebrew & Greek for Bible Study

  • Bi 101 Introduction to Old Testament 1

  • Bi 103 Introduction to Old Testament 2

  • Bi 102 Introduction to New Testament 1

  • Bi 104 Introduction to New Testament 2

  • Ed 101 Introduction to Christian Education

  • Mi 110 Theology, History & Practice of Worship

  • Co 120 Introduction to Preaching and Public Speaking

  • 5 Electives

Take the next step in your journey of spiritual enrichment!

"I am gaining the knowledge I need by being taught by top notch professors without the burden of debt. Whether I enter the mission field here or abroad, I know I'll have the confidence and knowledge to share God's Word with others."

Matt Collier

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