Certificate in Ministerial Arts

Certificate in Ministerial Arts


30 Credit Hours Required. Undergraduate or Graduate level.

Certificate Programs at New England Bible College are designed for your personal enrichment and growth and may also help you to be or become a trustee, deacon, elder, ministry leader, or other lay leader.

The Ministerial Arts Certificate leads students through the foundational coursework for a Christ-centered approach to understanding the Bible and conducting a fruitful ministry.

Course List:

  • SF 100/500 Spiritual Formation & Transformation

  • Th 100/500 Hermeneutics: Worldview, Theology, & the Bible

  • Mi 110/510 The Theology, History, & Practice of Worship

  • Co 120/520 Introduction to Preaching & Public Speaking

  • Mi 200/600 Pastoral Ministry

  • 5 Electives

"My time at Grace gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore my own faith, my personal relationship with God and my call to ministry.  Each professor played a unique and important role in my formation as a student, a leader in my church and in the Body of Christ.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to join in with this community and further my education."   


Deb Nadeau,

Life Source Women's Ministry, Crosspoint Church