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Graduate Programs

New England Bible College & Seminary seeks to educate and train men and women in advanced study in theology beyond the undergraduate degree. As a graduate degree granting institution, our seminary classes require more significant independent thought and research than undergraduate work. We have three different graduate level degrees.


Master of Arts

The first graduate program is our Master of Arts. An M.A. can be earned in 60 credit hours or 30 credits with the Fast Track option, and we offer it in two distinct orientations. The M.A.: Theology track is more academic in focus, requiring foundational courses in a variety of disciplines, but allowing the student some flexibility in concentrating on a particular interest or field. The M.A.: Ministry is more pastoral in orientation, requiring a mix of foundational academic courses along with a selection of more practical courses in the arts of ministry.




Master of Divinity Degree

Our second graduate program is a Master of Divinity Degree. The M.Div. requires 84 credit hours to complete or 45 with the Fast Track option. This degree is a professional ministry degree and is required by many denominations for ordination. It includes a broad education in both the scholarly and practical dimensions of pastoral ministry, and the capstone experience of undertaking either a ministry internship or writing a thesis.



Master of Ministry Degree

The third graduate degree is our Master of Ministry Degree. The M.Min. is a professional degree designed for students with substantial undergraduate work in Biblical Studies or Theology and prior ministry experience. It can be earned in 36 credit hours. The focus of this degree is to “upgrade” the knowledge and skill of those already engaged in practical ministry. There is no Fast Track option for this degree at this time.

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