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Master of Arts in Ministry

Master of Arts in Ministry


Credit Hours Required: 60

The Master of Arts Degree in Ministry at New England Bible College & Seminary offers a broad foundation, while also allowing students more concentrated studies in Ministry.

The M.A. Ministry is pastorally and practically oriented, requiring a mix of foundational academic courses along with a selection of more practical courses in the arts of ministry. A Bachelor's Degree is required, but it does not need to be in Biblical Studies/Theology. An M.A. in Ministry can be preparation for parachurch and lay ministries and provides an excellent equipping for pastors and other leaders already serving in ministry.

Course List:

  • Sf 500 Spiritual Formation

  • Hi 501 Church History Survey

  • Hi 611 World Religions

  • Th 500 Hermeneutics: Worldview, Theology & The Bible

  • Th 601 Christian Doctrine 1

  • Th 602 Christian Doctrine 2

  • Ph 603 Introduction to Apologetics

  • Ln 500 Hebrew and Greek for Bible Study

  • Bi 501 Introduction to Old Testament 1

  • Bi 503 Introduction to Old Testament 2

  • Bi 502 Introduction to New Testament 1

  • Bi 504 Introduction to New Testament 2

  • Ed 501 Introduction to Christian Education

  • Mi 510 Theology, History & Practice of Worship

  • Co 520 Introduction to Preaching & Public Speaking

  • Mi 600 Pastoral Ministry

  • Mi 601 Basic Biblical Counseling

  • Mi 760 Ministry Assessment & Management

  • Bi Elective

  • Internship or Elective

"The staff at NEBC/Grace Evangelical find empathy and understanding in their wisdom. They find joy and enthusiasm in their passion. With their knowledge comes humility and careful exegesis. I so appreciate my experience, and the profound impact the staff have had."

Jeff Colpitts

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