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Master of Arts in Theology

Master of Arts in Theology


Credit Hours Required: 60

The Master of Arts Degree in Theology at New England Bible College & Seminary offers a broad foundation, while also allowing students more concentrated studies in Theology.

The M.A. Theology track is academic in focus, requiring foundational courses in a variety of disciplines, but allowing the student some flexibility in concentrating on a particular interest or field. A Bachelor's Degree is required, but it does not need to be in Biblical Studies/Theology. An M.A. in Theology can be preparation for high school or undergraduate teaching in a variety of fields. 

Course List:

  • Sf 500 Spiritual Formation

  • Hi 501 Church History Survey

  • Hi 611 World Religions

  • Th 500 Hermeneutics: Worldview, Theology & The Bible

  • Th 601 Christian Doctrine 1

  • Th 602 Christian Doctrine 2

  • Ph 603 Introduction to Apologetics

  • Ln 500 Hebrew and Greek for Bible Study

  • Bi 501 Introduction to Old Testament 1

  • Bi 503 Introduction to Old Testament 2

  • Bi 502 Introduction to New Testament 1

  • Bi 504 Introduction to New Testament 2

  • Ed 501 Introduction to Christian Education

  • Mi 510 Theology, History & Practice of Worship

  • Th Elective

  • 3 General Electives

  • Thesis or 4th Elective

  • Thesis or 5th Elective

Take the next step in deepening your understanding of theology, doctrine and worship!

"I am working to enhance my skills in the Biblical area. I am retired from the high tech field. I would definitely recommend this program. I am learning a lot and am looking forward to completing my degree."


Steve Johnson

Assistant Pastor,

South Waterboro Bible Chapel

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