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What's the distinction between batteries in parallel vs series?

The main distinction in wiring batteries in collection vs. parallel is the influence on the output voltage and also the capacity of the battery system. Batteries wired in series will certainly have their voltages added together. Batteries wired in parallel will certainly have their capabilities (measured in amp-hours) totaled. Nevertheless, the overall available power (measured in watt-hours) in both setups coincides.

As an example, wiring two 12-volt batteries with 100 Ah capabilities in series will certainly result 24 volts with a 100 Ah capacity. Wiring the exact same 2 batteries in parallel will certainly result 12 volts with a 200 Ah ability. Therefore, both systems have a total readily available energy of 2400 watt-hours (watt-hours = volts x amp-hours).

In addition, batteries wired in series and also identical setups must all have the same voltage and also capacity ranking. Blending and matching voltages and abilities can result in issues that might harm your batteries.

Terry strietz

Terry strietz

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