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The Thompson Method involves direct contact with the baby after birth, which means skin-to-skin connection. They held the baby in their arms and then offered to nurse him. Also, the baby's nose, chin, and cheeks are on the chest, which is an excellent human technique. Therefore, breastfeeding is more important because it can eliminate diseases like Long-term or short-term problems. The Thompson Method is good and offers helpful best online breastfeeding course and will save your baby from various issues such as obesity, respiratory function, childhood leukaemia, and diabetes. As a nursing mother, you can think about it and use multiple techniques to eliminate it. It is one of the most important methods, and he considers and recommends this technique to others.

Of course, babies get and feel healthier while breastfeeding. Make sure you choose this method and feed your baby significantly. Choose this method, give it to your baby, and reap the benefits. The technique is the key, so take it and take advantage of it in various ways

The Thompson Method

The Thompson Method

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