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Which NEBC/Grace Evangelical program is for me?


This program in general Christian Studies is for your personal enrichment and growth and may also help you to be or become a better Sunday school teacher, trustee, deacon, elder, or other lay leader.


Associates Degree (A.A.)

Associates Degrees are half-way to Bachelor’s Degrees. They do what single courses and certificates do, but with more depth and integration of subject matter. Your Christian experience and readiness for service, perhaps even as a missionary, will be deepened and enhanced.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The Grace Evangelical B.A. offers a very solid foundation in biblical and theological studies. It prepares students to be Christian Educators and Bible teachers up through middle school, while it can also lay the foundation for Master’s studies. Students may develop majors in a number of disciplines or across disciplines.


Master of Arts (M.A.)

The M.A. is preparation for high school or undergraduate teaching in a variety of fields. It offers a broad foundation, while also allowing students more concentrated studies in the Bible, Theology, or Ministry. Traditionally a more academically-oriented degree, our M.A. allows students to tailor it to better suit their particular vocational goals.


Master of Divinity (M.DIV.)

The 84 credit hour M.Div. is the degree typically desired by many denominations for those seeking ordination and by larger independent churches as they seek pastoral leadership for their congregations.


Master of Ministry (M.MIN.)

A 36 credit-hour degree, the M. Min. requires at least 30 credit hours of work in Biblical Studies/Theology in a prerequisite B.A. degree. It is designed for those already serving in a pastoral position who seek to upgrade their ministry/leadership qualification from a Bachelor’s.




Do you have academic credit from previous education or professional experience pertinent to one of these programs? Then tell us about it and we may be able to transfer credit or give advanced standing in the degree program which interests you.


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