Two New Fall Course Offerings!

In our continuing effort to reach out to the communities and congregations we serve, two new locations have been added for classes.

The first is Fayette Baptist Church, 39 Baldwin Hill Road, in Fayette, Maine, where our biblical scholar Joshua Libby will offer another section of his introductory New Testament course. Watch this space for the announcement of the day! (Either Sunday or Thursday evenings, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.) Here’s a description of the course from our website:

Bi 102/502 New Testament Survey

This course introduces students to the content of English translations of the New Testament, helping them learn the literary genres of parable, gospel, epistle, and apocalyptic, the basics Jesus’ life and teachings, the history of the early church, and the writings of the apostles.

This class came to be offered due to the interest and initiative of several members of the Fayette Church, but is still open to others who may be interested. Individuals who wish to take the course for NEBC/Grace Evangelical credit do, however, need to complete at least the “Non-Degree Student Application” (available on the website) in order to enroll.

Another addition to our class offerings will take place at Crosspoint Church, 1476 Broadway, in Bangor on Sunday evenings, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. This class will be taught by long-time Grace Evangelical teacher and Dean of Studies, Terry Smith. Here’s a description of the course from our website:

Mi 470/770 Topics in Ministry: The Leader’s Life and Work

This course examines the pivotal issues that leaders face as they try to balance personal lives with public lives, and personal convictions and values with the demands of their position. Included in this study are topics such as the leader’s call and competencies, life-long learning habits, critical values and choices, and common stumbling blocks to leadership.

Students interested in taking the course for NEBC/Grace Evangelical credit must be enrolled as at least non-degree students. They should also be aware that they will need to be enrolled for both semesters to earn the full three hours of academic credit.

Contact the Registrar today for more information or to register for classes! 207.947.1665

Check out our full Fall Course Listings.

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