Congratulations on your retirement, Dr. Phillips!

From Our President:

It is with a truly grateful heart for all that he has done and with a measure of sadness at the end of an era, we announce the retirement of Dr. Terry Phillips from the schools of Grace Evangelical, Inc.

Recently, Dr. Phillips met with myself and other Trustees to discuss his desire to retire. At the Board of Trustees' recent meeting his retirement was announced and accepted with heartfelt thanks for all that he has done for the schools.

For many of us who have served with and for him over the past two decades it is a time of bittersweet emotion. We simply love Dr. Phillips. It will not be the same without him. Therefore, while we wish him an exciting, adventure filled retirement and offer a well-deserved "Job Well Done", there is also a sadness in our hearts. It truly is an end of an era.

Dr. Phillips was the original President of our schools. He was instrumental in building the schools from Day One and in leading the schools for almost two decades. Dr. Phillips dedicated over 1/4 of his life to Grace and now Grace/NEBC for zero pay. He also has given much of his family's earthly treasure to the schools. It is no exaggeration to say that but for his dedication, hard work and generosity, there would be no Grace Evangelical Seminary or New England Bible College.

Blessed with a deep intellect and a stout but very kind heart, he was just the man for the job and we thank God for him. He has been a friend to all of us and a very worthy leader.

And, we acknowledge that behind every great man there is an equally great or greater woman. Therefore, we also want to recognize and honor Ruth Phillips. Behind the scenes with little recognition she too has given greatly. Thank you for the countless words of encouragement, the many delicious dinners and all of the unseen things you have done to make your husband and our schools a success.

There are pastors in pulpits, leaders in churches and lay leaders across the state that are reaching the lost because of the dedicated work of Terry and Ruth Phillips. That is their true legacy and it will last into eternity.

I encourage everyone to reach out to Terry and Ruth and thank them for all that they have done for all of us. When the current health crisis subsides and we can all once again gather together we will properly honor them.

From everyone at Grace Evangelical Inc., "Thank you". Words cannot express how much you mean to all of us.

W.E. Riley II


New England Bible College / Grace Evangelical Seminary

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