Tuition Announcement from our President

Dear Students, Faculty and Friends of New England Bible College / Grace Evangelical Seminary, In 2016, the Board of Trustees stepped out in faith and decided to end charging tuition for our courses. This decision was made with the hope that many would take advantage of this free offer to learn more about our great and glorious God. The decision was a success for our schools. It far more than doubled our student base. That decision was predicated on the assumption that we could increase our fundraising by between $70,000 and $80,000 per year to cover the costs of faculty and faculty related expenses. This additional giving was needed on top of giving to cover our regular expenses to run the schools. While generous and substantial gifts were received to sustain the initial years of the free tuition program, we currently have not had the consistent and continued giving required to sustain a "free tuition" model of operations. Last month, the Board of Trustees voted to institute a very modest tuition charge beginning in the Fall of 2021. The charge will be $100/credit hour for degree students, which translates to $300 per course. To audit a course the charge will be $50.00/class. This places us as one of, if not the least expensive institutions of higher learning in the Northeast. Additionally and most importantly, this decision combined with the Board's commitment to new marketing and fundraising initiatives, will allow the schools to have a balanced and sustainable budget for continued growth for years to come. The Board also emphasized their commitment that no student will be denied the opportunity to attend due to a lack of personal finances. Let me repeat that: No student will be denied the opportunity to attend due to a lack of personal finances. If you sincerely desire to attend but are worried about the cost, contact our Registrar Emelia O'Roak at 207.947.1665. We will be offering generous financial aid and merit scholarships. More details and information on how to apply for these scholarships will be released soon. The Board also expressed their desire for each student to be able to review where they stand with credits already earned. Many of our students who have been taking courses for continuing education may have a substantial start on a certificate or degree. We want to stand behind our students to assist them in meeting their personal and professional goals. Representatives at each campus will be reaching out to each student to discuss their individual program of study so that they know what courses are needed for completion. We ask that you please keep our schools in your prayers. These are tough times for Christian institutions. Pray that our God will give the leadership the wisdom to rightly administer the schools, that while we make careful and prayerful plans, the Lord himself will bring the increase and the harvest. Pray that God will raise up those who share our vision and desire to further the Kingdom by giving generously to support the next generation of Christian leaders. Pray for our students, that this change would not be a point of turning back from the calling that God has on their lives. Pray that God would continue to call faculty to leave a legacy of Gospel centered teaching by training our students. Pray that the vision that started many decades ago in Glen Cove and in Bangor continues so that we can continue to educate the future pastors and lay leaders who will carry the gospel throughout our state and throughout the world. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you may have regarding the ongoing plans for our schools. In Christ,

Bill Riley, President New England Bible College / Grace Evangelical Seminary

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