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Certificate in Biblical Studies

Certificate in Biblical Studies


30 Credit Hours Required. Undergraduate or Graduate level.

Certificate Programs at New England Bible College & Seminary are designed for your personal enrichment and growth and may also help you to be or become a better trustee, deacon, elder, ministry leader, or other lay leader. 

The Certificate in Biblical Studies is the foundation of a comprehensive understanding of Scripture. The courses provide excellent equipping for Sunday school teachers and small group leaders as well as other ministry leaders and those who just want to understand the Bible better. 

Course List:

  • Th 100/500 Hermeneutics: Worldview, Theology, & the Bible

  • Ln 100/500 Hebrew & Greek for Bible Study

  • Bi 101/501 Intro to Old Testament 1

  • Bi 103/503 Intro to Old Testament 2

  • Bi 102/502 Intro to New Testament 1​

  • Bi 104/504 Intro to New Testament 2

  • 4 General Electives

Take the next step in your journey towards spiritual enrichment!

"I chose NEBC because it was affordable, local and came highly recommended by individuals I respect and admire for their faith and effective service in ministry. I countinued with NEBC because experience proved the positive testimonies I received regarding the school true."

Dali Tauwala

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