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College Students in Classroom

Dual Enrollment
Early College Credit 

Earn early college credit while in high school!

Faster Degree Completion

  • Get a head start on your college education while in high school.

  • Our dual enrollment students have been able to transfer the credits earned at NEBCS to many national Christian colleges.

  • Partnerships with Lancaster Bible College and Cairn University allow our students to transfer their credits and earn an accredited degree.


  • Become better prepared for the demands of college-level coursework through more advanced studies.

Exploration of Interests

  • Dual enrollment programs often offer a broader array of courses than typical high schools, allowing students to explore a variety of subjects and interests.

  • This can be valuable for career exploration and making informed decisions about college majors.

Free Tuition

  • NEBCS offers free tuition to high school students!

  • High School Students can earn up to 12 credits per year through NEBCS for free and then receive a discounted rate (50% off) for additional credits.

Why do dual enrollment at NEBCS?

Information for Homeschoolers

  • Each 3 credit course may be counted as 1 full year of HS credit.

  • Some students choose to audit courses instead of taking them for credit.  

  • Depending on the amount of hours the student is investing in the course, you may choose to award 1/2 year credit for each audited course.

Streamlined Application Process

  • Use this short-form application to apply for classes.

  • A one-time $25 fee is due with your application.

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