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Certificates & Degrees

New England Bible College - Undergraduate

New England Bible College seeks to educate and train men and women who do not have an undergraduate degree in the core knowledge of Bible, Theology, Church History, and Ministry. NEBC has several academic programs for those who have completed high school. These include Certificates, the Associate of Arts degree, and the Bachelor of Arts degree.  Each program may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis.



The Certificate program is offered in three separate tracks: a Certificate in Biblical Studies, a Certificate in Theological Studies, and a Certificate in Ministerial Arts. Each requires completion of ten courses (30 credit hours), split between specified required courses and elective courses chosen by the student in the relevant area of study. For details, please consult the Checklist for each track. Student registration patterns and course rotations typically mean students will need at least two years to complete a Certificate.


Associates Degree

The A.A. degree in Christian Studies (60 credit hours) includes the foundational courses that comprise the Certificate program, plus four additional required courses. But it also affords the student the opportunity to take six additional classes of their own choosing, to pursue more fully particular interests and knowledge.


Bachelor’s Degree

The B.A. degree (120 credit hours) offers students even broader and deeper foundational knowledge in a variety of disciplines, while also affording them greater flexibility in pursuing particular interests as well as greater focus by having them choose a major in a specific topic or field of study.


New England Bible College offers its students quality higher education in a faithful Christian context at a price they can afford. In a time of impersonal on-line courses, NEBC gives students the opportunity to learn face-to-face from biblical and theological scholars and practicing pastors. In a time of ever-increasing student debt, NEBC keeps tuition costs consistently lower than other colleges and seminaries. And NEBC is adaptive to our students’ needs.


Many of our students have to balance their family and professional responsibilities with their educational efforts, so we work with them individually to develop a course of study that suits their educational and vocational goals. Whether it’s our multiple certificate and degree programs, our 3 hour/once a week class sessions, evening classes, Saturday classes, creating personal directed studies, or meeting in various locations around Maine, we strive to accommodate the needs of our students.



A training ground with rigorous academics. A community of believers from diverse backgrounds. An active participant in the Body of Christ. These are the marks that distinguish New England Bible College from other institutions. New England Bible College looks for students who will enhance our community. We seek students who evidence a growing faith, proven academic ability, ministry experience and moral character. Each application is seriously and prayerfully considered. In doing so, autobiographical essays, recommendations, past ministry experience as well as past academic record are evaluated. We look forward to meeting you, answering your questions and hopefully welcoming you to our community.

Spiritual Life

Everything we do at NEBC takes place within the context of giving glory to God and serving Christ’s purposes in the Church and world. Classes always begin with prayer, and faculty always seek to draw clear connections between material taught in texts, lectures, and discussions and the impact such lessons should have on the hearts and minds of the students. The Bible and theology are never approached merely academically, but always with an eye to their pastoral relevance. Students are encouraged to gather informally for Bible study and prayer time when on campus, and through the Christian Service Requirement to be involved regularly with a local church or faith organization.

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