Who We Are

A Training Ground  

NEBC/GES is a training ground for those called to ministry as a vocation, as well as for those called to ministry in their churches, schools and homes. A rigorous curriculum compels students to explore and wrestle with deep questions, to learn to study and handle the scriptures with integrity, and to develop the skills necessary to lead, teach and guide others to maturity in Jesus Christ. Students benefit from intellectual exploration of various disciplines as well as real-world application to ministry from skilled, experienced and highly qualified instructors.


A Community 

NEBC/GES students and staff are a community based group who committed to press deeply into the scriptures, coming to understand who God is and to love Him more deeply.  In any given class, students may range in age from 16 to 75 with distinct life, ministry experience and separate theological underpinnings. This strengthens the learning experience!  Students and faculty alike are challenged to listen, learn from one another, sharing their viewpoints, and participate in discussions all under the authority of scripture.


A Partner with the Body of Christ

The vision of NEBC/GES is to equip leaders to serve the body of Christ.  The school has trained and helped place apprentice ministers with congregations around Maine and New England and works with the chaplaincy training program at a major regional hospital in Bangor.