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Tuition & Fees

New England Bible College & Seminary offers one of the most affordable

Christian educations in New England

Course Tuition Rates


Undergraduate & Graduate Tuition

  • $450/course for in-person or zoom classes *

  • $450/course for online asynchronous classes

Non-Degree Course Audit...............

  • $50/course

No student will be denied the opportunity to attend due to a lack of personal finances. We offer generous financial aid to students who qualify.  If you sincerely desire to attend but are worried about the cost, please contact our Admissions Officer at 207.947.1665 or, and visit our Financial Aid Page.

*A $150/course discount will be given if enrolled by August 1st.

Total Degree Rates

Total cost for coursework toward the following degrees:

  • Stackable Certificates...$1,800 each

  • Associate of Arts...$9,000

  • Bachelor's of Arts...$18,000

  • Fast Track Master's Degree...$4,500

  • Master of Ministry...$5,400

  • Master of Arts - Theology or Ministry...$9,000

  • Master of Divinity...$12,600


Payment plans are available. 
Please log in to your Populi account or contact for more information.

All payments are now done via our online CMS.  Please login to your student account  using the link below to make payments.

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