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Everything we do at New England Bible College & Seminary takes place within the context of giving glory to God and serving Christ’s purposes in the Church and world. Classes always begin with prayer, and faculty always seek to draw clear connections between material taught in texts, lectures, and discussions and the impact such lessons should have on the hearts and minds of the students. The Bible and theology are never approached merely academically, but always with an eye to their pastoral relevance. Students are encouraged to gather informally for Bible study and prayer time when on campus, and through the Christian Service Requirement to be involved regularly with a local church or faith organization.

Christian Service Requirement

Every degree seeking student attending New England Bible College & Seminary is required to be actively involved in Christian ministry for a minimum of 15 hours per semester in or through a local church, mission or other on-going Christian endeavor. This requirement may be met by the student’s regular participation with a local church choir, teaching Sunday School, helping to lead Junior Church, serving at a soup kitchen, food pantry or other Christian service work on a regular and consistent basis. This requirement is not an “internship”; rather, it typifies the Christian’s appropriate lifelong involvement in the work of the Church.


Students submit the Christian Service Form to the Administrative Office early each semester and fill out a self-evaluation form at the end of each semester as a way of recording their progress.


Students enrolled at New England Bible College & Seminary are strongly encouraged to consider participating in some form of internship with a local church or ministry opportunity to better integrate the things they learn in the classroom in a real world setting. And students can also use such placements to develop a “Senior Project” as a capstone experience in several of our degree programs!


Most of the students attending New England Bible College & Seminary come from New England. They bring with them a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, interests and goals. Some are enrolled full-time, while many others are enrolled as part-time students. They typically have busy schedules and are seeking educational opportunities they can coordinate with family responsibilities and work obligations. Yet all of them are dedicated to gaining a deeper knowledge of the Bible, a broader knowledge of Christian faith and history, and greater skill in applying what they believe to their everyday lives.


Learn about some of our students and why they have loved their experience with New England Bible College & Seminary!

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