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Certificate in Christian Studies

Certificate in Christian Studies 

30 Credit Hours Required. Undergraduate or Graduate level.

Certificate Programs at New England Bible College & Seminary are designed for your personal enrichment and growth and may also help you to be or become a trustee, deacon, elder, ministry leader, or other lay leader.

The Christian Studies Certificate leads students through the foundational coursework for a Christ-centered approach to understanding the Bible and conducting a fruitful ministry.

Course List:​

  • Th 100/500 Hermeneutics: Worldview, Theology, & the Bible

  • 9 Electives

Take the next step in your journey towards spiritual enrichment!

"My time at Grace gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore my own faith, my personal relationship with God and my call to ministry.  Each professor played a unique and important role in my formation as a student, a leader in my church and in the Body of Christ.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to join in with this community and further my education."   


Deb Nadeau,

Life Source Women's Ministry, Crosspoint Church

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