Master of Ministry

Master of Ministry


Credit Hours Required: 36

The Master of Ministry is designed for those already in a pastoral position seeking to upgrade the knowledge and skill of those already engaged in practical ministry. It is a practical option to upgrade from a Bachelor's Degree.

The M. Min requires at least 30 credit hours of prior work in B.A. level Biblical Studies/Theology and prior experience in ministry.

Course List:

  • Sf 500 Spiritual Formation

  • Th 500 Hermeneutics: Worldview, Theology & The Bible

  • Mi 602 Intermediate Christian Counseling

  • Mi 760 Ministry Assessment and Management

  • Th Elective

  • Bi Elective

  • Mi Elective

  • 3 General Electives

  • Ministry Project

"I found the classroom experience at NEBC to be challenging, but extremely invigorating. I was exposed to some great teaching and preaching by a staff of knowledgeable and dedicated men and women of integrity and character!  After almost 30 years in ministry, I am deeply grateful for the significant role NEBC has played in my biblical training and spiritual formation."

Russell C. Cotnoir, Jr. 

Senior Pastor, Fayette Baptist Church,

First Light Radio Ministry