What Makes Us Unique?

New England Bible College & Grace Evangelical Seminary (NEBC/GES) offers its students quality higher education in a faithful Christian context. Students have the opportunity to learn from biblical & theological scholars and practicing pastors.


NEBC/GES, along with generous donors, has made a commitment to keep tuition FREE for as long as possible.  NEBC/GES holds strong to the belief people who want to pursue God's calling, should not be burdened by debt. 


New England Bible College & Grace Evangelical Seminary is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.


Students have to balance the many roles they have, including family, employment, and education.  We work with students to develop a course of study that is manageable and helps them meet their educational goals. Options include multiple certificate/degree programs, 3 hour/1 X week class sessions, evening classes, Saturday classes, Directed studies, and holding classes in various locations around Maine.

Who We Are

A Training Ground  

NEBC/GES is a training ground for those called to ministry as a vocation, as well as for those called to ministry in their churches, schools and homes. A rigorous curriculum compels students to explore and wrestle with deep questions, to learn to study and handle the scriptures with integrity, and to develop the skills necessary to lead, teach and guide others to maturity in Jesus Christ. Students benefit from intellectual exploration of various disciplines as well as real-world application to ministry from skilled, experienced and highly qualified instructors.


A Community 

NEBC/GES students and staff are a community based group who committed to press deeply into the scriptures, coming to understand who God is and to love Him more deeply.  In any given class, students may range in age from 16 to 75 with distinct life, ministry experience and separate theological underpinnings. This strengthens the learning experience!  Students and faculty alike are challenged to listen, learn from one another, sharing their viewpoints, and participate in discussions all under the authority of scripture.


A Partner with the Body of Christ

The vision of NEBC/GES is to equip leaders to serve the body of Christ.  The school has trained and helped place apprentice ministers with congregations around Maine and New England and works with the chaplaincy training program at a major regional hospital in Bangor.


NEBC/GES is a union of two institutions of Christian higher education dedicated to serving the leadership needs of churches across the State of Maine.

NEBC’s roots extend back to 1959 with the founding of Glen Cove Bible School.  It grew into an undergraduate institution offering associates’ & baccalaureate degrees located in South Portland.

Grace Evangelical College and Seminary was established in 2001, enrolling students in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In 2015, at the request of NEBC’s leadership, Grace Evangelical assumed responsibility for NEBC’s educational mission.


The unified school, known as NEBC/GES, continues to offer undergraduate and graduated degrees.  Undergraduate degrees are under the NEBC name and graduate degrees are under the Grace Evangelical Seminary name. The school’s one identity remains first and foremost Christian, serving all expressions and denominations of the evangelical church of Jesus Christ.


The Mission of New England Bible College & Grace Evangelical Seminary is to educate, equip, and provide servant-leaders to the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.


The school serves all faithful expressions of the Church of Jesus Christ by preparing men and women with a high level of academic and professional skill for leadership in local congregations and other church endeavors.


Academic study at NEBC/GES is offered within the contextin conjunction with the student's belief, seeking to extend and strengthen each student’s personal faith in and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ. We take it to be the truth that accurate understanding and interpretation of the Scriptures can happen only in the environment of personal faith. At the same time, the Great Commission must be worked out in the real world, and we as Christians and members of Christ’s Body the Church must live out our lives in practical, existential interface with that same real world.


Character and personal integrity are touchstones for saints well-equipped to teach and lead in the Church. These qualities are goals of the school for every student, as each is encouraged to link personal commitment, disciplined study, and honest living in the effort to develop:


1. A personal relationship with and dependence upon God through individual and communal     prayer, worship, study of Scripture, service, and witness.

2. A healthy personal spiritual life based upon and guided by the word of God and shaped by     growing understandings and personal experiences of the Gospel’s divine power.

3. A full understanding of the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, a solid, working         grasp of the cultures and the religious life of one’s own civilization and others, and a               knowledge of the Bible’s message, content, and history.

4. An ability to think usefully, enabling one to understand and evaluate accurately the                  thoughts offered by others.

5. A world-wide vision of needs and a desire to employ the Gospel of Jesus Christ in                 working to meet those needs.

6. The skills in relations, communication, and administration required for effective ministry.

7. Attitudes and gifts that advance the church’s diverse works of ministry.

8. Awareness of the social, political, economic, and theological currents of the time and the       desire for continual learning.


With the help of God’s Spirit, each one of us in the NEBC/Grace Evangelical community is called to both model and foster such virtues, attitudes, abilities, love for learning, and habits of mind as a way of glorifying God and helping bring greater maturity in the faith to our members and greater edification to Christ’s Church.


New England Bible College & Grace Evangelical Seminary hold classes on 2 main campuses.  One is at 502 Odlin Road, Bangor and the other is the First Baptist Church, 879 Sawyer St, South Portland.


We also have a number of churches throughout the state who support classes being held at their facility.  These currently include Fayette Baptist Church in Fayette, Maine and First Baptist Church in Mexico, Maine.  For the course offerings at one of these satellite locations, please refer to the South Portland Semester Course Offerings.  Courses are offered on an occasional basis in Presque Isle. Please contact the Registrar for more information. 

Course Locations

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502 Odlin Road, Bangor, ME 04401
Call : (207)947-1665
Email : info@nebc.edu

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