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Community Standard of Behavior

Christian maturity involves a commitment to the lordship of Christ, to the truth of God’s Word, to a life of dynamic discipleship, and a renunciation of self-centeredness. Mature Christians recognize that scriptural principles govern both thought and conduct, and they apply these principles to their attitudes, opinions, and behavior. They seek to walk by the Spirit, and not gratify the desires of the flesh (Galatians 5:16). New England Bible College & Seminary expects each member of our community to understand and embrace such a commitment in their own lives, as together we strive through our academic endeavors and our mutual encouragement to attain greater Christ-likeness.


Character and personal integrity are touchstones for saints well-equipped to teach and lead in the Church. These qualities are goals of the school for every student, as each is encouraged to link personal commitment, disciplined study, and honest living in the effort to develop: 


1. A personal relationship with and dependence upon God through individual and communal prayer, worship, study of Scripture, service, and witness. 

2. A healthy personal spiritual life based upon and guided by the word of God and shaped by growing understandings and personal experiences of the Gospel’s divine power. 

3. A full understanding of the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, a solid, working grasp of the cultures and the religious life of one’s own civilization and others, and a knowledge of the Bible’s message, content, and history. 

4. An ability to think usefully, enabling one to understand and evaluate accurately the thoughts offered by others. 

5. A world-wide vision of needs and a desire to employ the Gospel of Jesus Christ in working to meet those needs. 

6. The skills in relations, communication, and administration required for effective ministry. 

7. Attitudes and gifts that advance the church’s diverse works of ministry. 

8. Awareness of the social, political, economic, and theological currents of the time and the desire for continual learning. 


With the help of God’s Spirit, each one of us in the NEBCS community is called to both model and foster such virtues, attitudes, abilities, love for learning, and habits of mind as a way of glorifying God and helping bring greater maturity in the faith to our members and greater edification to Christ’s Church.

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