Student Spotlight

I chose NEBC because it was affordable, local and came highly recommended by individuals I respect and admire for their faith and effective service in ministry. I continued with NEBC because experience proved the positive testimonies I received regarding the school true.

NEBC is affordable and accessible. Currently students attend for free. Prior to this provincial blessing tuition was still affordable. Furthermore, NEBC is accessible. Classes are held once a week and are offered at various times throughout the day (morning, afternoon and evening). This provides students the opportunity to attend class without running into major scheduling conflicts with work or other engagements. By offering once a week classes the school cuts commuting time down for students and professors making NEBC a more viable option for anyone attending from further away.

NEBC offers students a quality education. Conversations go beyond the classroom and subject matter to discuss Biblical worldview relevant to today and practical applications of Scripture and topics studied. Professors are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate. Motivated by love for Christ and a desire to build up and equip students in faith and ministry, professors are committed to seeing students succeed. Professors share their lives with students and take time to learn about the lives of the students they educate, exhort, equip, pray for and with. In this way, professors shown genuine care for students as they minister and teach. It has been a blessing and benefit for me and fellow students to sit under the instruction of these professors.

Additionally, at NEBC true godly community is experience and is a reason I recommend the school and enjoy attending classes. Classrooms contain a community of believers sharing in the joy and rigor of education and life. Class size provide students opportunities to know and be known, personally, by professors and fellow students. At the same time, classes provide opportunities to learn and grow from the schools diverse student body. Students range from young to old, come from various backgrounds, upbringings, cultures and countries from around the world. Yet, despite these differences, students stand united in Christ and in a desire to make Him known. Through NEBC's student body, students gain a highly valuable additional resource- the insight, perspective and wisdom of fellow classmates. NEBC's student body further teaches- we are not alone; together we fulfill the great commission. In this we are reminded of Christ’s body and the importance of each individual to fulfill the purpose God calls one to, to the praise of His glory.

Whether pursuing a degree, seeking continued education or personal spiritual growth and development, NEBC is the place to be. For here, you will receive a quality education and join a community of students and professors who together pursue Christ and God’s glory in life and service.

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